The area of Villa Tokara

Villa Tokara is an official monument right on the edge of historic Willemstad. It was renovated about six years ago and converted into a boutique hotel. We acquired it to continue the business that has been a success from the beginning. Villa Tokara is located among many other monuments and right across the street is the famous Avila Beach Hotel. Walking towards Punda, the oldest part of Willemstad, you’ll cross Pietermaai, a small upcoming district that is a historic gem. Restaurants, bars and other small hotels and apartments are flourishing here.  Right next door there are five excellent restaurants, all in beautifully restored historic buildings.


When you arrive at the airport we recommend taking a taxi to Villa Tokara. We can arrange a driver who will be waiting for you. To explore the island you will need a rental car but you do not need one straight away if you choose to take it easy and explore historic Willemstad first. We can arrange a rental car to be delivered to the hotel for you later.

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