Who we are?

Villa Tokara is a family run hotel. We are living in the back of the property in the old caretakers home. Our family consists of me (Arriën) my wife Maike and our children. Our three  boys (Mick, Felix and Casper) are eager to help out a hand but I will be your host. Our children have their own spot on the back porch and in our separate quarters.

We’ve been living on Curacao for more than 12 years now after moving from The Netherlands and we love the island. About two years ago I started being a host to tourists visiting Curacao by renting out a house on Airbnb . I enjoyed that so much that we decided to take it to a next level by acquiring Boutique Hotel Villa Tokara with five fantastic guestrooms. Telling about Curacao and showing where and how to make the most out of your vacation gives me lots of pleasure. As we loved the quiet neighborhood of Brakkeput Ariba at Spanish Water we really enjoy living in town now. Everything is close by and being able to walk to places instead of driving everywhere is great.

A combination of a stay in historic Willemstad as well as in quiet residential Brakkeput Ariba is a good idea for guests as well. For possibilities you can click on the link of ariba31 – our “Purple House” – or check it out at www.ariba31.com.

In my spare time I love to sail or run. Architecture, both modern and historic is one of my main passions. My wife Maike is a partner in one of the major Curacao law firms. When she has time she takes care of the interior design of Villa Tokara. I am a lawyer too. I started studying law at the age of 40. In my twenties I studied international relations. Before having children I traveled a lot. Finally we got around to do that again with our sons. We went to Ecuador and it was great fun.

The Family